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Lue Raamattu Vuodessa:   Elokuu 2 - Päivä 214
Alkuperäinen Raamattu 365 Job 21; Job 22; Luke 1[Kuukausi]
Aikajärjestyksessä (1) Psalms 119:89-176; 2 Thessalonians 1[Kuukausi]
Aikajärjestyksessä (2) 2 Kings 20-21[Kuukausi]
Koko Raamattu Isaiah 23; Isaiah 24; Isaiah 25[Kuukausi]
Vanha Testamentti Ezekiel 5-8; Proverbs 31[Kuukausi]
Uusi Testamentti Luke 1[Kuukausi]
UT, Psalmit, Sananlaskut Hebrews 13; James 1[Kuukausi]
Epistles Hebrews 6[Kuukausi]
Jeesuksen sanat Mark 3[Kuukausi]
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What's New?
  • Look for the [Map] link at the top of your Bible searches. This allows you to view the location of Bible places on Google Maps. Thanks goes to OpenBible.info for collecting the needed data.

  • Added Doré's Bible illustrations, as well as links to the categorized biblical art from "Biblical Art on the WWW". When you display Bible texts, an image icon will show up in the chapter headers that links you to a list of art resources for each chapter. You can also search using the Biblical Art and Illustrations link in the Bible Study Tools section.

  • Coptic Versions: New Testaments in Coptic (Bohairic and Sahidic) from sahidica.org. (2007-01-17)

  • Exact Matches: The default search is now Exact Match.

    That means if you search for "king", you will only find "king" and not "walking" or "speaking" or "kingdom", etc.

    If you want to find "king" or "kingdom" or "kingly" etc., you can search for "king%", where the "%" acts as a wildcard.

    Searching for "%king" would find "walking", "speaking", "king", etc.

    Searching for "%king%" would find "walking", "speaking", "king", "kingdom", etc.

  • We still need people to help translate the site into other languages. Click the [Translate] link at the top of this page to volunteer.

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