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What does the "Chapter:Verse search matches" option do?
Sometimes different translations of the Bible will put verse and chapter numbers in different places. For example, even though the Hebrew book of Malachi and the NASB book of Malachi each have the same text (though in different languages), the Hebrew Malachi is broken into 3 chapters, while the NASB has 4. The NASB's Malachi 4:1-6 corresponds to the Hebrew Malachi's 3:19-24.

One of the major features of the Unbound Bible is being able to see the text from different versions in parallel. So we chose the verse system of the NRSVA as our standard verse system, and we are trying to map the verse system of all the other Bibles to the verse system of the NRSVA.

By default, when you search for a chapter or verse, the search uses the NRSVA verse system. If you wanted to display the KJV 4:1 and the Hebrew Malachi 3:19 (the same verse, remember?), you would search for Malachi 3:19, since this is the verse reference in the NRSVA.

But if you are used to the Hebrew verse system, and want to search using the Hebrew verse system, you should choose the Hebrew Bible as your first version from the version list (Step 1) and choose this option:

Chapter:Verse search matches: (o) Chapter:Verse in Version 1

Please note that we have not completed the mapping for all of the Bibles on our site. And there may be mistakes in the versions we have already mapped. If you find a misalignment between translations, let us know.

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