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Advanced Searches

For advanced searches, you can use the capitalized English words "AND", "OR", and "NOT", and parentheses "(" and ")".

 (God OR Lord) AND world AND NOT (judge OR love) 

 yoke AND NOT light 

If you want to search for the words "and", "or", or "not", just be sure to enter them in lower case.


 (God and Father) OR (Lord and Savior) 
 (God AND Father) OR (Lord AND Savior) 

Even if you are not searching in an English Bible, you should still use "AND", "OR", and "NOT".

Searching in French:

 (Dieu OR Seigneur) AND amour AND NOT (monde OR terre) 

Searching in Two or More Versions

You can search in more than one version at the same time. There are 9 possible versions, 1-9. Version 1 is always selected.

Version 1 is searched by default. To search in versions 2-9, you have to use parentheses. (2: life) searches for life in the second version you have selected.

e.g. Select New American Standard Bible for Version 1, and "Greek NT: Westcott/Hort, UBS4 variants" for Version 2. You can then use the following search to help find all the places where the Greek verb starting with "φιλ" is translated as "love" in English:

 love AND (2: φιλ%) 

This example finds all the places where the Greek words starting with "φιλ" or "αγαπ" are translated as "love" in English and "amour" in French. Choose Version 1: New American Standard Bible, Version 2: "Greek NT: Westcott/Hort, UBS4 variants", Version 3: French Jerusalem Bible

love AND (2: φιλ% OR αγαπ%) AND (3: amour) 

This could also be written as:

(1: love) AND (2: φιλ% OR αγαπ) AND (3: amour) 


(1: love AND (2: (φιλ% OR αγαπ%) AND (3: amour)) 


(1: love AND (2: (3: amour) AND (φιλ% OR αγαπ%)) 


Hiding a Version You Search In

You can search in a version but not actually display it. To do this, click the checkbox next to the version.

e.g. Choose English: New American Standard Bible for Version 1 and "Greek NT: Westcott/Hort, UBS4 variants" for Version 2. Check the box next to Version 1. Search for "faith AND love" in the New Testament. This will find "faith AND love" in the English version, but will only display the Greek version.