Greek Transliteration
You can use the Latin characters on the right to search for the Greek characters on the left. Or you can search using Greek characters that you enter with a Greek input method, such as the Greek Keyboard popup on the Unbound Bible site, or a Greek input method provided by your computer's OS.
Greek Latin
Αα Aa
Ββ Bb
Γγ Gg
Δδ Dd
Εε Ee
Ζζ Zz
Ηη Hh
Θθ Qq
Ιι Ii
Κκ Kk
Λλ Ll
Μμ Mm
Νν Nn
Ξξ Xx
Οο Oo
Ππ Pp
Ρρ Rr
ς V
Σσ Ss
Ττ Tt
Υυ Uu
Φφ Ff
Χχ Cc
Ψψ Yy
Ωω Ww

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