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Harmony of the Gospels
John 1:1-5
Luke 1:1-4
Date: 5 B.C.
[Jerusalem] Annunciation of birth of John the Baptist
Luke 1:5-25
[Nazareth] Espousal of the Virgin Mary
Matthew 1:18Luke 1:27
[Nazareth] The Annunciation of the birth of Jesus
Luke 1:26-38
[Hebron, or Juttah] The visitation of Mary to Elisabeth
Luke 1:39-55
Her return to Nazareth
Luke 1:56
[Nazareth] Joseph's vision
Matthew 1:20-25
Date: 4 B.C.
[Hebron] Birth and infancy of John the Baptist
Luke 1:57-80
[Bethlehem] Birth of Jesus
Luke 2:1-7
[Bethlehem] Adoration by shepherds
Luke 2:8-16
[Bethlehem] Circumcision
Matthew 1:25Luke 2:21
[Jerusalem] Presentation and purification
Luke 2:22-29
Matthew 1:17Luke 3:23
Date: 3 B.C.
[Bethlehem] Adoration by the wise men
Matthew 2:1-12
[Egypt] Flight into Egypt
Matthew 2:13-15
[Bethlehem] Massacre of the Innocents
Matthew 2:16-18
Date: 1 A.D.
[Nazareth] Return to Nazareth
Matthew 2:19-23Luke 2:39
[Nazareth] Childhood of Jesus
Luke 2:40
Date: 7 A.D.
[Jerusalem] With the doctors in the temple
Luke 2:46-50
Date: 7-26 A.D.
[Nazareth] Youth of Jesus
Luke 2:51
Date: 26 A.D.
[Bethabara] Ministry of John the Baptist
Matthew 3:1-4Mark 1:1-8Luke 3:1-6John 1:6-15
[Bethabara] Baptisms by John the Baptist
Matthew 3:5Mark 1:5Luke 3:7
[Bethabara] Witness to Christ by John the Baptist
Matthew 3:11,12Mark 1:7,8Luke 3:15-18
[Bethabara] Baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist
Matthew 3:13-17Mark 1:9-11Luke 3:21,22
[Wilderness of Judæa] Temptation of Jesus
Matthew 4:1-11Mark 1:12,13Luke 4:1-13
[Bethabara] John the Baptist's second testimony
John 1:19-35
[Bethabara] Call of the first disciples (five)
John 1:37-51
Date: 27 A.D.
[Cana] First Miracle, at Cana
John 2:1-11
[Capernaum] Visit to Capernaum
John 2:12
First PASSOVER; first cleansing of temple Jerusalem
Luke 2:13-23
[Jerusalem] Discourse with Nicodemus
John 3:1-21
[Ænon] The Baptist's last testimony
John 3:25-36
[Sychar] Christ's visit to Samaria
John 4:1-42
[Cana] Christ's return to Cana
John 4:43-46
[Cana] Christ's healing of the nobleman's son
John 4:46-54
Date: 27 A.D.
[Machærus] Imprisonment of John the Baptist
Matthew 4:12Mark 1:14
Christ's preaching in Galilee:--
[Nazareth] Christ's preaching at Nazareth
Mark 6:1Luke 4:15-30
[Capernaum] Christ's preaching at Capernaum
Matthew 4:13Luke 4:31
[Capernaum] Call of Andrew, Peter, James and John
Matthew 4:18-22Mark 1:16
[Capernaum] Miracles:-- Casting out a devil
Mark 1:23Luke 4:33
[Capernaum] Miracles:-- Healing of Peter's mother-in-law
Mark 1:29Luke 4:38
[Capernaum] Miracles:-- Healing of many sick and diseased
Mark 1:32Luke 4:40
Date: 27 A.D.
Preparatory Prayer
Mark 1:35Luke 4:42
Circuit through Galilee
Matthew 4:23-25Mark 1:39Luke 4:44
[Hill above Gennesaret] SERMON ON THE MOUNT
Matthew 5-7:27
[Gennesaret] Sermon in the boat; miraculous draught of fishes
Luke 5:1
Healing of a leper
Matthew 8:2-4Mark 1:40Luke 5:12
Retirement for prayer
Mark 1:45Luke 5:16
[Capernaum] Healing of palsied man
Matthew 9:2Mark 2:1Luke 5:17
[Capernaum] Call of Matthew (Levi), supper, and discourse
Matthew 9:9Mark 2:13-18Luke 5:27-33
Date: 28 A.D.
[Jerusalem] Second PASSOVER
John 5:1
[Jerusalem] Miracle at Bethesda, and discourse on it
John 5:2-47
[Galilee] The Sabbath; plucking corn
Matthew 12:1Mark 2:23Luke 6:1
[Capernaum] The miracle of the withered hand
Matthew 12:10Mark 3:1Luke 6:6
[Capernaum] Opposition of Herodians
Matthew 12:14Mark 3:6Luke 6:11
[Capernaum] Retirement for prayer
Mark 3:13Luke 6:12
[Capernaum] Ordination of Twelve Apostles
Matthew 10:2-4Mark 3:14Luke 6:13
[near Capernaum] SERMON IN THE PLAIN (of Gennessaret)
Luke 6:17-49
[near Capernaum] Healing of the centurion's servant
Matthew 8:5-13Luke 7:1
[Nain] Healing son of widow of Nain
Luke 7:11
[Capernaum] Message from John the Baptist; Christ's testimony
Matthew 11:2-7Luke 7:17-24
[Capernaum] Warning to Chorazin, &c.
Matthew 11:20-28
[Capernaum (?)] Mary Magdalene
Luke 7:36
[Galilee] Through Galilee
Mark 3:19Luke 8:1-3
[Capernaum] Healing of a demoniac
Matthew 12:22
[Capernaum] Blasphemy against the Holy Ghost
Matthew 12:24Mark 3:22
[Capernaum] The unclean spirit
Matthew 12:43
[Capernaum] The interruption of His relatives
Matthew 12:46Mark 3:31
Date: 28 A.D.
[Plain of Gennesaret] Parables:-- The Sower
Matthew 13:1-9,18-23Mark 4:1,14-20Luke 8:4,11-15
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Tares
Matthew 13:24
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Mustard seed
Matthew 13:31Mark 4:30
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Leaven
Matthew 13:33
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Candle
Mark 4:21Luke 8:16
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Treasure
Matthew 13:44
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Pearl
Matthew 13:45
[Plain of Gennesaret] The Net
Matthew 13:47
[Sea of Gennesaret] Christ calms the storm
Matthew 8:24Mark 4:37Luke 8:23
[Gadara] Christ suffers devils to enter the swine
Matthew 8:28Mark 5:1Luke 8:27
[Capernaum] Parables:--Bridegroom
Matthew 9:15
[Capernaum] New cloth and new wine
Matthew 9:16,17
[Gennesaret ] Miracles:-- Issue of blood
Matthew 9:18Mark 5:22Luke 8:41
[Capernaum ] Jairus' daughter
Matthew 9:18Mark 5:22Luke 8:41
[Capernaum] Two blind men
Matthew 9:27
[Capernaum] Dumb spirit
Matthew 9:32
Date: 28 A.D.
Mission of the Twelve Apostles
Matthew 10:1Mark 6:6-11Luke 9:1-3
[Machærus] Death of John the Baptist
Matthew 14:1Mark 6:14Luke 9:7
[Bethsaida] Feeding of five thousand
Matthew 14:13Mark 6:30Luke 9:12
[Lake Gennesaret] Walking on the water
Matthew 14:25Mark 6:48John 6
[Capernaum] Discourse on the plain and in the synagogue
Matthew 14:34John 6:26-70
[Capernaum] Discourse on pollution
Matthew 15:1-20Mark 7:1-23
[Phoenicia] Syrophoenician woman
Matthew 15:21Mark 7:24
Date: 28 A.D.
[Decapolis] Miracles:-- Healing of the deaf and dumb man
Mark 7:32
[Decapolis] Healing of many sick
Matthew 15:29
[Gennesaret] Feeding of four thousand
Matthew 15:32Mark 8:1
[Gennesaret] Parable of leaven
Matthew 16:5Mark 8:14
[Bethsaida] Healing blind man
Mark 8:22
Peter's confession of Christ's Divinity
Matthew 16:13Mark 8:27Luke 9:18
[Mount Tabor, or Hermon] TRANSFIGURATION
Matthew 17:1Mark 9:2Luke 9:28
[Mount Tabor, or Hermon] Healing demoniac child
Matthew 17:14Mark 9:14Luke 9:37
[Galilee] Prediction of His Passion
Matthew 17:22Mark 9:30Luke 9:43
[Capernaum] The stater in the fish's mouth
Matthew 17:27
[Capernaum] Lesson on docility
Matthew 18:1Mark 9:33Luke 9:46
[Capernaum] Lesson on forgiveness
Matthew 18:15Mark 9:43
[Capernaum] Lesson on self-denial
Matthew 18:18
[Capernaum] Parable of the unmerciful servant
Matthew 18:23
John 7:2,10
[Jerusalem] Discourses
John 7:10-46
[Jerusalem] Officers sent to arrest Him
John 7:30,46
[Jerusalem] The adulteress
John 8:3
[Jerusalem] Discourses
John 8:12
[Jerusalem] Threatened with stoning
John 8:59
[Jerusalem] Healing of blind man, and discourses
John 9:1
[Jerusalem] Christ the DOOR
John 10:1
[Jerusalem] Christ the GOOD SHEPHERD
John 10:11
John 10:22
[Jerusalem] Christ's oneness with the Father
John 10:30
[Peræa] Christ's retreat across the Jordan
John 10:40
[Bethany] Christ's raising of Lazarus
John 11:1
[Ephraim] Christ's retreat to Ephraim
John 11:54
[Samaria] *Christ's repulse by the Samaritans
Luke 9:53
[Galilee] *Mission of the Seventy
Luke 10:1-17
[Jerusalem] *Parable of the Good Samaritan
Luke 10:30
[Bethany] *Visit to Martha & Mary
Luke 10:38
[Mount of Olives] *The Lord's Prayer
Matthew 6:9-13Luke 11:2-4
[Mount of Olives] Parable of the importunity of a friend
Luke 11:5
[Jerusalem] The dumb spirit
Luke 11:14
[Jerusalem] The rich fool
Luke 12:16
[Jerusalem] God's providence to birds and flowers
Luke 12:22-30
[Jerusalem] The barren fig tree
Luke 13:6
[Jerusalem] The woman with an infirmity
Luke 13:11
[Jerusalem] *The mustard seed
Luke 13:18
[Jerusalem] *Healing the man with dropsy
Luke 14:1-4
[Jerusalem] *Lesson on humility
Luke 14:7
[Jerusalem] Parables:-- The Great supper
Luke 14:12
[Jerusalem] Lost sheep and pieces of silver
Luke 15:1
[Jerusalem] Prodigal son
Luke 15:11
[Jerusalem] Unjust steward
Luke 16:1
[Jerusalem] Dives and Lazarus
Luke 16:19
[Samaria] *The ten lepers
Luke 17:11
[Jerusalem] Parables:-- Importunate widow
Luke 18:1
[Jerusalem] Pharisee and publican
Luke 18:9
[Jerusalem] Rich young man
Matthew 19:16Mark 10:17Luke 18:18
[Jerusalem] Labourers in the vineyard
Matthew 20:1
[Jerusalem] Ten pounds
Luke 19:12
[Jericho] *Healing of blind Bartimæus
Matthew 20:29Mark 10:46
As an interval of nearly three months occurred between the Feasts of Tabernacles and Dedication, some place the events marked * in that interval, and vary their order, putting the "healing of the ten lepers" immediately after the "repulse by the Samaritans."
Date: 29 A.D.
[Bethany] The supper in Simon's house
Matthew 26:6-13Mark 14:3-9John 12:1
[Bethany] Mary anoints Jesus
Matthew 26:7Mark 14:3John 12:3
[Jerusalem] Triumphal entry into the temple
Matthew 21:1-17Mark 11:1-11Luke 19:29-41John 12:12-20
Retirement to Bethany
Matthew 21:17Mark 11:11
[Mount of Olives] Cursing the fig tree
Matthew 21:18Mark 11:12
[Jerusalem] Cleansing of the temple
Matthew 21:12Mark 11:15Luke 19:45
Retirement to Bethany
Mark 11:19
[Mount of Olives] The withered fig tree and its lesson
Mark 11:20
Discourses in the temple:--
[Jerusalem] The father and two sons
Matthew 21:28
[Jerusalem] The wicked husbandmen
Matthew 21:33Mark 12:1Luke 20:9
[Jerusalem] The wedding garment
Matthew 22:1
[Jerusalem] Tribute money
Matthew 22:15Mark 12:13Luke 20:20
[Jerusalem] The Sadducees and resurrection
Matthew 22:23Mark 12:18Luke 20:27
[Jerusalem] The great commandment
Matthew 22:34Mark 12:28
[Jerusalem] The widow's mite
Mark 12:41Luke 21:1
[Jerusalem] The eight woes
Matthew 23
[Jerusalem] Destruction of Jerusalem and of the world
Matthew 24:1Mark 13:1Luke 21:5
[Mount of Olives] Parables:-- The ten virgins
Matthew 25:1
[Mount of Olives] Talents
Matthew 25:14
[Mount of Olives] Sheep and goats
Matthew 25:31
[Bethany] Warning of the betrayal
Matthew 26:1
[Jerusalem] The counsel of the Sanhedrim
Matthew 26:2Mark 14:1Luke 22:1
[Jerusalem] Judas' betrayal
Matthew 26:14Mark 14:10Luke 22:3
[Jerusalem] Preparation of the Passover
Matthew 26:17Mark 14:12Luke 22:7
[Jerusalem] Washing the apostles' feet
John 13:1-17
[Jerusalem] The breaking of bread
Matthew 26:26Mark 14:22Luke 22:19
[Jerusalem] "One of you shall betray me"
Luke 22:21John 13:18
[Jerusalem] "Is it I?"
Matthew 26:22-25Mark 14:19
[Jerusalem] The giving of the sop, "That thou doest, do quickly"
John 13:26,27
[Jerusalem] Departure of Judas
John 13:30
[Jerusalem] Peter warned
Matthew 26:34Mark 14:30Luke 22:34John 13:36
[Jerusalem] The blessing the cup
Matthew 26:28Mark 14:24
[Jerusalem] The discourses after supper
John 14-16
[Jerusalem] Christ's prayer for his apostles
John 17
[Jerusalem] The hymn
Matthew 26:30Mark 14:26
[Gethsemane] The agony
Matthew 26:37Mark 14:33Luke 22:39John 18:1
[Gethsemane] The prayer (repeated thrice)
Matthew 26:39-44Mark 14:36-39Luke 22:42
[Gethsemane] His sweat, and the angel's comfort
Luke 22:43,44
[Gethsemane] The sleep of the apostles
Matthew 26:40-45Mark 14:37-41
[Gethsemane] Betrayal by Judas
Matthew 26:47-50Mark 14:34,44Luke 22:47John 18:2-4
[Gethsemane] Peter smites Malchus
Matthew 26:51Mark 14:47Luke 22:50John 18:10
[Gethsemane] Christ heals the ear of Malchus
Luke 22:51
[Gethsemane] Christ forsaken by His disciples
Matthew 26:56Mark 14:50
[Jerusalem] Christ led to Annas
John 18:12
[Jerusalem] Christ tried by Caiaphas
Matthew 26:57Mark 14:53Luke 22:54John 18:15
[Jerusalem] Peter follows Christ
Matthew 26:58Mark 14:54Luke 22:55John 18:15
[Jerusalem] The high priest's adjuration
Matthew 26:63Mark 14:61
[Jerusalem] Christ condemned, buffeted, mocked
Matthew 26:66,67Mark 14:64,65Luke 22:63-65John 18:17-24
[Jerusalem] Peter's denial of Christ
Matthew 26:69Mark 14:66Luke 22:55-59John 18:25-27
[Jerusalem] Christ before Pilate
Matthew 27:1Mark 15:1Luke 23:1John 18:28
[Jerusalem] Repentance of Judas
Matthew 27:3
[Jerusalem] Pilate comes out to the people
John 18:29
[Jerusalem] Pilate speaks to Jesus privately
John 18:33
[Jerusalem] Pilate orders Him to be scourged
Matthew 27:26Mark 15:15John 19:1
[Jerusalem] Jesus crowned with thorns
Matthew 27:29Mark 15:17John 19:2
[Jerusalem] Jesus exhitited by Pilate; "Ecce Homo"
John 19:5
[Jerusalem] Jesus accused formally
Matthew 27:11Mark 15:2Luke 23:2
[Jerusalem] Jesus sent by Pilate to Herod, mocked, arrayed in purple
Luke 23:6-11
[Jerusalem] "Behold your King!"
John 19:14
[Jerusalem] Pilate desires to release Him
Matthew 27:15Mark 15:6Luke 23:17John 19:12
[Jerusalem] Pilate receives a message from his wife
Matthew 27:19
[Jerusalem] Pilate washes his hands
Matthew 27:24
[Jerusalem] Pilate releases Barabbas
Matthew 27:26
[Jerusalem] Pilate delivers Jesus to be crucified
Matthew 27:26Mark 15:15Luke 23:25John 19:16
[Jerusalem] Simon of Cyrene carries the cross
Matthew 27:32Mark 15:21Luke 23:26
[Golgotha] They give Him vinegar and gall
Matthew 27:34Mark 15:23Luke 23:36
[Golgotha] Nail him to the cross
Matthew 27:35Luke 23:33John 19:18
[Golgotha] The superscription
Matthew 27:37Mark 15:26Luke 23:38John 19:19
Date: 29 A.D.
[Golgotha] 1. Father, forgive them
Luke 23:34
[Golgotha] His garments parted, and vesture allotted
Matthew 27:35Mark 15:24Luke 23:23-34John 19:23
[Golgotha] Passers-by rail, the two thieves revile
Matthew 27:39-44Mark 15:29-32Luke 23:35
[Golgotha] The penitent thief
Luke 23:40
[Golgotha] 2. To-day shalt thou be with me in Paradise
Luke 23:43
[Golgotha] 3. Woman, behold thy Son, &c
John 19:26,27
[Golgotha] The darkness
Matthew 27:45Mark 15:33Luke 23:44
[Golgotha] 4. My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?
Matthew 27:46Mark 15:34
[Golgotha] 5. I thirst!
John 19:28
[Golgatha] The vinegar
Matthew 27:48Mark 15:36John 19:29
[Golgotha] 6. It is finished
John 19:30
[Golgotha] 7. Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit
Luke 23:46
[Jerusalem] Rending of the veil
Matthew 27:51Mark 15:38Luke 23:45
[Jerusalem] Opening of the graves, and resurrection of saints
Matthew 27:52
[Golgotha] Testimony of centurion
Matthew 27:54Mark 15:39Luke 23:47
[Golgotha] Watching of the women
Matthew 27:55Mark 15:40Luke 23:49
[Golgotha] Piercing His side
John 19:31
[Golgotha] Taking down from the cross, and burial by Joseph of Arimethea and Nicodemus
Matthew 27:57-60Mark 15:46Luke 23:53John 19:38
[The Garden] A guard placed at the door, which was sealed
Matthew 27:65,66John 19:39-42
Date: 29 A.D.
[The Garden] Women carry spices to the tomb
Matthew 28:1Mark 16:2
[The Garden] The angel had rolled away the stone
Matthew 28:2
[Jerusalem] Women announce the resurrection
Matthew 28:8Luke 24:9,10John 20:1,2
[The Garden] Peter and John run to the tomb
Luke 24:12John 20:3
[The Garden] The women return to the tomb
Luke 24:1
[Jerusalem] The guards report these things to the chief priests
Matthew 28:11-15
Date: 29 A.D.
[The Garden] 1. To Mary Magdalene
Mark 16:9,10John 20:14
"All hail! Fear not. Touch me not."
Matthew 28:9John 20:17
[The Garden] 2. To the women returning home
Matthew 28:9
"Go tell my brethren that they go into Galilee; there shall they see me."
Matthew 28:10
[Emmaus] 3. To two disciples going to Emmaus (Exposition of prophecies on the passion)
Mark 16:12Luke 24:13
[Jerusalem] 4. To Peter (1 Cor. 15:5)
Luke 24:34
[Jerusalem] 5. To ten Apostles in the upper room
Luke 24:33John 20:19
"Peace be unto you As my Father hath sent me, even so send I you".
John 20:21
"Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whose sover sins ye remit," &c.
John 20:22,23
[Jerusalem] 6. To the eleven Apostles in the upper room
Mark 16:14John 20:26
"Peace be unto you."
John 20:26
To Thomas.
"Reach hither thy finger," &c.
John 20:27
"Blessed are they that have not seen, yet have believed."
John 20:29
[Tiberias] 7. To seven disciples at the Sea of Tiberias
John 21:1-24
To Peter.
"Feed my sheep. Feed my lambs."
John 21:15-17
[Galilee] 8. To the eleven disciples on a mountain in Galilee (1 Cor. 15:5)
Matthew 28:16
"All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth."
Matthew 28:18
"Go ye and teach all nations, baptizing them," &c.
Matthew 28:19
"Lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen."
Matthew 28:20
[Galilee, or Bethany] 9. To five hundred brethren at once (1 Cor. 15:6)
10. To James (1 Cor. 15:7)
[Bethany] 11. Ascension (1 Cor. 15:7)
Mark 16:19Luke 24:50,51
[Damascus (?)] 12. To Paul (1 Cor. 15:8)

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