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Read Through the Bible in a Year

Read Through the Bible in a Year:   October 31 - Day 304
Original Bible 365 Lamentations 3; Lamentations 4; Ephesians 5; Ephesians 6[Month]
Chronologically (1) Jeremiah 50; Hebrews 6[Month]
Chronologically (2) Mark 10; Matthew 19[Month]
Whole Bible Luke 23; Luke 24; John 1; John 2; John 3[Month]
Old Testament Psalms 124-126[Month]
New Testament Ephesians 5; Ephesians 6[Month]
NT, Psalms, Proverbs 1 Corinthians 4; 1 Corinthians 5[Month]
Epistles Colossians 1[Month]
Words of Jesus Mark 1[Month]
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