Paul's Missionary Journeys

Paul's Life in a Nutshell

Year Outside Events Events in Paul's Life Letters Written Reference
6 BC Birth of Jesus
Schooling in Nazareth

10 AD?
Birth of Paul
Schooling in Tarsus

26 Galilean ministry of Jesus starts

Rabbinic student in Jerusalem

30 Crucifixion, Resurrection and Ascension of Jesus

36 Pilate resigns procuratorship Persecution of Hellenist Christians
Paul appointed to Damascus

Acts 7,8

Stoning of Stephen
Aretas ruling Damascus
Conversion on road to Damascus
Retirement to Arabia
Return to Damascus

Acts 9:22,26
Gal. 1:17
Acts 9:20
39 Herod Antipas exiled by Caligula Visit to Jerusalem
Return to Tarsus
Unrecorded mission to Syria and Cilicia

Gal. 1:18
Acts 9:26
Acts 9:30
44 Death of Herod Agrippa I
Judea again a procuratorial province
Assistant to Barnabas at Antioch
Acts 11:26
First Journey to Cyprus and Galatia, with Barnabas
Acts 13,14
48-53 Herod Agrippa II. Inspector of the Temple at Jerusalem
Galatians (one theory)
49 Expulsion of Jewish-Christians from Rome by Claudius Council of Jerusalem
Acts 15
Second Journey, with Silas to Europe 1 Thessalonians, 2 Thessalonians Acts 16
51-2 Gallio at Corinth

Acts 18:1
52-60 Felix procurator of Judea Return to Antioch, via Caesarea Galatians (another theory) Acts 18:22
Third Journey

54 Nero succeeds Claudius Mission at Ephesus 1 Corinthians, 2 Corinthians Acts 19:1-20
Second visit to Corinth
Return via Troas and Miletus
Romans Acts 20;21:1-14
Arrival in Jerusalem
Arrest and imprisonment at Caesarea
Trial before Felix

Acts 21:25
Acts 21:27
Acts 22,23
Acts 24
60 Festus succeeds Felix as procurator of Judea Trial before Festus
Appeal to Caesar
Appearance before Agrippa
Departure for Rome
Winter on Malta,arrival at Rome

Acts 25
Acts 26
Acts 27
Acts 28:1-16
Under house arrest in Rome Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon, Philippians Acts 28:16-31
62 Albinus succeeds Festus as procurator of Judea Release and visit to perhaps Asia, Macedonia, Achaia, Spain 1 Timothy, Titus
64-7 Nero's persecution of Christians in Rome Re-arrest, perhaps in Troas
Imprisonment and execution in Rome
2 Timothy 2 Tim. 1:12;4:13
(Eusebius, 4th century)
The dating of all events and writings is approximate only.

Chart taken from Brownrigg, p. 324.