Paul's Missionary Journeys


Acts 13:13

From Paphos, Paul and his companions sailed to Perga... Acts 13:13

City: "Perga was the capital of Pamphylia, a coastal province of Asia Minor between the provinces of Lycia and Cilicia, and was 5 miles inland and 12 miles east of the important seaport Attalia." (NIV Study Bible:1760)
"The city of Perga was a very wealthy and beautifully decorated city from the Hellenistic times. Its remains today are second only to Ephesus among the cities associated with the apostle Paul... in spite of its Asiatic setting, the culture of Perga was almost entirely Greek and, to a lesser extent, Roman." (Freedman:Volume 5:228)

Summary: While in Perga, John left Paul and Barnabas to return to Jerusalem. Many reasons have been suggested for his return. "Homesickness to get back to Jerusalem, an illness of Paul necessitating a change in plans and a trip to Galatia, and a change in leadership from Barnabas to Paul" (NIV Study Bible1760) are among them.

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