Paul's Missionary Journeys


Acts 18:22

When he landed at Caesarea, he went up and greeted the church... Acts 18:22

City: "A seaport located ca. 50km N of Tel Aviv and ca. 45 km S of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast; also known as Caesarea Maritima or Caesarea Palestinae...Throughout the centuries of Rome's rule, the city prospered on many levels, enjoying the benefits of its role as provincial capital and busy international seaport. Its geopolitical importance, its local prosperity, and its cosmopolitan character as a leading Mediterranean seaport attracted numerous intellectuals and religious leaders. It evolved into one of the leading centers for religious study in the Roman world." (Freedman:Volume 1:800)

Summary: Here, Paul went up and greeted the church. The word "up" may imply that Paul actually went up to the church in Jerusalem (2,500 feet above sea level). Then he continued to Antioch, which is where the third missionary journey started.

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